Thu Jun 28 4:45pm
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Local artist, David Hynes is the creator of an original art/musical instrument called Conundrum III. Conundrum III is a 12-foot long cedar strip canoe covered in a rawhide skin, turning it into a 12-ft long, canoe-shaped "canoedrum". There are two Conundrums in the world; Conundrum II is on permanent display at the Canadian Canoe Museum in Peterborough Canada, and the other is in David's possession and has been taken on tour to various venues in Canada and the United States. The Conundrum is unique in its canoe construction, its powerful sound, and the magic of its communal nature. It has been described as an 'iconic Canadian musical instrument" and, as you can see at the YouTube links, it creates excitement and joy wherever it goes.

The Conundrum bonds people of all ages, walks of life, ethnicities, abilities and cultures creating a harmonious symbioses that is joyful and infectious.