Jaron Freeman-Fox and the Opposite of Everything

Described as “Gogol Bordello meets The Mothers of Invention”, or “Tom Waits playing the fiddle while fronting The Mahavishnu Orchestra” Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything somehow combine bluegrass with Indian music, afro-beat with sea shanties, or klezmer with the blues, and make it sound like the most natural thing in the world.


A deeply exploratory latin-jazz outfit delving into Puerto Rican, Cuban and Brazilian modern jazz traditions with a New York latin-jazz attitude featuring some of Toronto’s most acclaimed jazz and latin music specialists from Trinidad, Cuba, Mexico & Canada. This quartet has been often compared to the "Wayne Shorter Quartet, were each member born in South America" & named after the Puerto Rican Arecibo radio telescope, responsible for the deepest exploration of space mankind has achieved to date.

Valeria Matzner

In the veins of this singer flow the rhythms and melodies of South America, where she was born and raised. The dance-inspired African Candombe, the excitement of Brazilian samba and the sweet seductiveness of bossa nova insinuate their way into everything she does. By the age of 16 she formed and composed for her own group, leading them to the "South by Southwest" music festival in Austin, Texas. Since coming to Canada she has been a featured performer in bands led by Pepe Danza, Daryl Jahnke, Jack Duncan, Salvador Ferreras, Lachel Cercel and Mike Braverman.

Eliana Cuevas

After a decade of intensive performing, writing and composing, Venezuelan born Toronto based Eliana Cuevas is rising from the ranks to acclaim as one of Canada’s finest world and jazz music performers and creators. She has released three albums in Canada under her own name -- Cohesion (2002), Ventura (2004) and Vidas (2007) and also one album in Europe -- Luna Llena (2009). She has toured extensively across the country bringing her music to various concert halls and Festivals in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Yukon, Alberta, Quebec, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

Jorge Maza & Tipica Toronto

Combining the sound of the tres guitar with two violins and a cello in a style known as charanga francesca, Tipica Toronto perform a salsa-based repertoire that reflects the grand continuum of Cuban dance music that has evolved since the 1950s.

Irene Torres

Born in Lima, Peru. Irene moved to Canada, in the late 1980's. She grew up in the culturally diverse backdrop of the city of Toronto. Luckily, she was blessed with parents that had a deep appreciation for the arts. As a child, she performed and studied with various acting and dance troupes. She developed a quick love for music. At the age of twelve she began to sneak in listening sessions with her father's prized vinyl collection of The Doors. Despite the heavy grounding she was guaranteed if caught, Irene insists it was worth every stay-at-home weekend.