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Festival Season Continues...

Submitted by Josh Grossman on Thu Aug 19 3:44pm

With only a few weeks left in August (no matter how I look at the calendar, I can't seem to change this!), it feels as though summer is starting to wind down. Meanwhile, things are slowly starting to ramp up here - the chatter among Artistic Directors is picking up, submissions are starting to come in, and agencies are sending out their rosters - but we're still another ten months away from our 25th festival.

Getting the gig

Submitted by Josh Grossman on Thu Aug 12 2:08pm

I was invited to participate in last weekend's Music Business seminar at JAZZ.FM91 and, because it's summer and the humidity has drastically reduced my synapse firing speed, I thought I would post my talk here rather than come up with a new blog topic. It was a great weekend featuring presentations by Ralph Benmergui, Jaymz Bee, Brad Barker, Richard Underhill, David Basskin, Mike Denny and me, covering topics ranging from getting your music on the radio to being media savvy to learning about grants and record labels.

Just for the fun of it

Submitted by Josh Grossman on Thu Jul 22 3:59pm

One of the compliments I most enjoy receiving, when finishing up a gig with my big band, the Toronto Jazz Orchestra, is: "You look like you're having so much fun!" And frankly, it's true - on almost every gig, we're having a blast. To go along with great music there's lots of joking on the bandstand, bad jokes being told on the microphone (you're welcome...) and an overall relaxed vibe. I'm not sure I'd be in the music business if I wasn't having fun so much of the time.

That's a wrap!

Submitted by Josh Grossman on Thu Jul 8 4:26pm

Well my faithful festival followers, the party's over. It's been four days since we closed up the 2010 TD Toronto Jazz Festival, the tents are packed up until next year, and I've caught up on some I thought I would bring you up to date on the last few days of the festival.

Friday July 2 - Day 8

Revised Xylopholks advisory

Submitted by Josh Grossman on Thu Jul 1 3:54pm

Please read carefully the following update from Jazz Central Command:

We have received new intelligence about the Xylopholks. It seems they caught wind of our surveillance and tried to sneak one past us. Please note that although Pink Gorilla has been seen, it seems that Cookie Monster has been replaced with a skunk. Although this situation kind of stinks, our best people are keeping watch on the situation.

July already?!

Submitted by Josh Grossman on Thu Jul 1 11:03am

So, last night was a bit of a late night, so my vocabulary centers aren't firing on all cylinders. With that in mind, this blog post will be slightly abbreviated (as opposed to the exquisitely crafted (?!) verbosity of previous posts), so that my brain isn't too taxed and you don't have to decipher enormously long run-on sentences peppered with poor grammar such as what this sentence is turning into. Plus, it sounds as though my neighbour is rocking out to Guitar Hero so I'm a bit distracted...