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I could have danced all night...

Submitted by Josh Grossman on Tue Jun 28 10:13am

Yesterday was an action-packed, awesome day of music. Let's launch right in...

My day started with emcee duties at the Outdoor Stage, introducing the four-piece George Grosman Trio (he brought along a percussionist). I couldn't stay long, unfortunately, but trust that George's great sense of swing and interesting repertoire choices kept the audience engaged. From Metro Square I headed over to The Rex, where I spent the majority of the afternoon enjoying the Youth Jazz Showcase.

Day Two Electric Boogaloo

Submitted by Josh Grossman on Sun Jun 26 9:05am

Mmmmmm...chip truck fries...nothing like a late-night snack to inspire one to blog...

Okay - so here's my still-up-after-a-long-day-at-the-festival report on day 2. I'll edit in the morning; but because of an early-ish appointment I'm writing now rather than worrying about cramming it into what will be a rushed morning...


Submitted by Josh Grossman on Sat Jun 25 10:32am

Well, that was a pretty incredible way to start the festival...

Despite weather worries, logistical challenges and the adjustments required for a new venue, we got the 25th TD Toronto Jazz Festival kicked off in fine fashion last night. Two legends (one jazz, one soul) took to two different stages, and there was great music all night long.


Submitted by Josh Grossman on Thu Jun 23 4:14pm

At last night's annual player's party at The Rex Hotel (thanks to Bob, Tom and the whole crew for hosting a great event), a number of people asked me - "how can you look so calm two days before the festival?" There are two main answers. First, I'm lucky to have a fantastic group of colleagues who run a very tight ship - I can truly concentrate on my job (Artistic Direction) knowing that the festival will run as smoothly as it does every year (regardless of torrential downpours, such as the one currently taking place outside my window...).

Jazz Fest Set List

Submitted by Josh Grossman on Thu Jun 16 4:38pm

The 25th TD Toronto Jazz Festival kicks off in one short week (already!). Here at festival headquarters, we're busily preparing, making sure all is in order...and I'm hoping that you might be doing the same - making preparations to visit us during the ten days of the festival. I thought I would spend a few minutes making some recommendations for your visit, creating a "set list" of sorts - a few things to do or try which might make this year's jazz festival experience your best ever.

Try something new

Can't see the forest...

Submitted by Josh Grossman on Thu Jun 2 3:19pm

I had the pleasure of being in the audience for the first set of John MacLeod's Rex Hotel Orchestra gig this past Monday night at - where else - The Rex Hotel. The night had a festive air to it - beyond being a regular, last-Monday-of-the-month gig, it was a celebration of their recent JUNO Award win. The hang was fun and I got my picture taken with a JUNO award (which, I have to say, was kind of cool)...but best of all, perhaps? The music was outstanding.