Submitted by Josh Grossman on Wed Aug 31 4:17pm

So where, exactly, did July and August go?

I hope you've had a great couple of months. My schedule has been a bit erratic over the past eight weeks, so you may have noticed (or am I flattering myself?) that I haven't made a new blog post in about, well, eight weeks. So - here I am, shaking out the cobwebs, slowly getting myself back into a routine. Thus the "re-wiring" of the post's title.

My opening question was a bit rhetorical, actually. I know where my July and August went (or, at least, August). It went here:

Adelaide Unger Grossman was born on August 6th and Jeanette and I have been having a blast over the past few weeks getting to know her and her (lack of) routine. It won't be long before I'm introducing her to live jazz shows, but in the meantime I'm still cocooning a bit, so I thank you for your patience in advance if you don't see me out and about for the next little while. Keep sending me notices about your shows, and I look forward to seeing you soon. (Meanwhile, one of my favourite comments about parenthood so far has come from Mervon Mehta: "Best wishes and don't play her any Ornette Coleman for at least a few months.")

In jazz fest land, we're starting to think about 2012. We're now officially accepting artist submissions, so if you're interested in being considered for a spot at the 2012 TD Toronto Jazz Festival, head on over to for complete details. From the submissions I've already received, it's looking like I'll have lots of great music from which to choose. And, if you're a Canadian artist thinking about putting together a summer tour, and would like to apply for touring funding from the Canada Council (more information here), we'll need your submission by about October 15. As always, feel free to drop me a line with any questions about the submission process: [email protected] or (416) 928-2033, ext. 27.

Finally (yes this is a short post but remember...I'm re-wiring...), someone posted this video on Facebook. It's kinda trippy, and kinda hilarious. And I kinda wish someone had told me about Visual Thinking in school - it might have helped in ear training class. (Favourite line: "Jazz tends to linger and you can't get away from it.")

Talk to you soon...