Lily Frost

Infectious and charming are the best words to describe Lily Frost. Lily Frost is among Canada’s critically acclaimed songwriters, known for her score and theme song for Gemini nominated hit t.v. series Being Erica.

Lily’s fuel sources are cinema, photography, travel, life experience, nature, the supernatural, drama, philosophy and poetry. The characters in her songs are fictional and autobiographical. She collaborates with writers and producers as a visionary using her “tremendous gift for language” (Dan Hill). Lily is a strong melodist and muse with buckets of ideas and expression.

“Lily Frost has producer ears”
– Asher Ettinger (TV Producer, Toronto)

“…the smarts and chops to back it up” – Gene Hardy (Multi-Instrumentalist, MD for Michael Buble)

“Frost blends her eclectic purist pop intelligence with nonchalantly alluring vocals and the lyrical wit that flows through her work. Frost got her start in the oldtimey movement in the 90s – her band the Colorifics were sort of the Canadian Squirrel Nut Zuppers. After that she took a turn into retro Americana […] Frost has a disarming directness and bite that often contrasts with her tunes’ lively charm, quirky surrealism, tricky tempo and upbeat ba-ba chamber-pop hooks.
Frost has the chops and the wit to do something like this speaks volumes about where she’s been, where she’s capable of going and how much fun she has doing it.” -Delarue- New York Music Daily

“Lily Frost’s newest musical offerings are brassy, tantalizing and deliciously fresh. If James Bond were a woman, this would be the soundtrack to her epic, kick-ass existence.” – Ami McKay, Author of The Birth House and Witches of New York.