Gord Sheard's Brazilian Jazz Experience

Powerhouse Pianist GORDON SHEARD and His Star-Studded ‘BRAZILIAN JAZZ EXPERIENCE’ Tentet
create a Carnival mood featuring some of the jazz scene’s leading instrumental voices:

Brian O’Kane-trumpet, Colleen Allen & Andy Ballantyne-reeds, Alastair Kay-trombone, Rick Shadrach Lazar-percussion,Carlos Henrique ‘Riquinho’ Fernandes-percussion, Rob Gusevs-keyboards, Collin Barrett-bass, Max Senitt-drums, Gord Sheard-piano & accordion
Guest Appearance by Sensational Vocalist Aline Morales

Every performance of multi-faceted pianist/composer Gord Sheard’s Brazilian Jazz Reflections epitomizes a lifelong empathy with the cultural identity of Brazil,vividly demonstrating his devotion to the country’s vibrant music, its rich history, and the exceptional artists so integral to its essence.