ART the Band

Nick Marshall - trombone
Stuart Brignell - alto sax
Sean Clarey - guitar
David Maclean - bass
Austin Gembora - drums

ART the Band is a dynamic 5 piece collective, operating on the fringes of both traditional jazz and neo-soul, via significant math rock, experimental, and hip-hop influences. With their broadly based but unified concept, ART the Band creates instrumental music that is both widely accessible, and intellectually stimulating. ART aspires to offer the masses a gateway into far more opaque regions of musicality, turning slightly away from, but never abandoning its primary function as a vehicle for simple entertainment and enjoyment.

The band has gone on two international tours. In the summer of 2016, ART spent three weeks playing throughout Poland, Germany, France and England. In the spring of 2017, ART spent three weeks touring multiple states in the US (Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey). The band will be back in the States late April till June 2018.

ART the Band has released two studio albums (entitled “Boost Unavailable” and “Snacks), and has another record on the way set to be released late Summer of 2018.