Amélie & les Singes Bleus

Amélie Lefebvre – Lead vocals and Ukulele
Beth Washburn – Horns
Rizaldo Padilla – Guitar
Rachel Melas – Upright Bass
Tim Shia - Drums

Amélie & les Singes Bleus is a band that is hard to put a label on. Following the momentum of their critically acclaimed debut album À lʼétage des funambules, ALSB continues to delight and confound with their new album Entre Nous. Do you enjoy French cabaret jazz-country-ska-mariachi-swingtorch-Motown-samba-rock and roll-trip hop? Does that even make sense? When you listen to Entre Nous, the answer is a resounding “oui”. The fact is, ALSB is not concerned with such limiting concepts as genre – they simply go where their musical curiosity takes them.