Ahmed Moneka

During his formative years in Iraq, Ahmed Moneka learned traditional songs and drumming in an African family tradition that was brought to Iraq in the 12th century. Later he was accepted to the top high school for the performing arts in Baghdad, where he learned a variety of artistic disciplines from theatre to singing maqam (scales and nuances) of Middle Eastern music. Through these experiences, Ahmed acquired his perspectives on our world and his place within it, and continued attending the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Baghdad. During these years, he began to be especially moved by stories of human struggle, freedom and love, and formed his convictions about human rights through his art, performance, voice and his songs.

Since arriving in Canada in 2016, Ahmed has continued his artistic pursuit - to bring love to society. His contributions as a performing artist in music, theatre have been welcomed; the scene has embraced his Iraqi artistic heritage – its stories and songs - into its own growing cultural narrative. He has found himself being enriched through many collaborations, including the Canadian Opera Company, Moskitto Bar, Tafelmusik and Moneka Arabic Jazz, including a series of workshops in Toronto on traditional Iraqi music called "The Moneka Monologues."