• Tetra what now?

    I'll admit that it's been a challenging several weeks, both on the home and work fronts. Everything's fine, everyone's healthy, it will all work out. But it's been a bit of a slog. I feel lucky to have supportive family, supportive colleagues, and work (official and personal) which continues to inspire me in a variety of ways.

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  • Jazz genetics

    Over the past number of years, I've been excited to hear the expanding cross-pollination between jazz and other genres - and particular with genres such as R&B, soul, funk and hip hop. On one hand, this interest is purely practical - with greater cross-pollination comes greater potential audience crossover, and, hopefully, a larger audience for jazz in general.

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  • Audience participation

    The 2019 TD Discovery Series Special Projects presentations kick off this Thursday, February 7 with Moodset at Yauca's Lounge and, in many ways, it's a great example of what the Special Projects are all about.

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