• Aaaand we're back (ish)

    Last week I had a coffee meeting in Yorkville. Normally, a fairly routine happening...but this was my first in-person meeting with someone not directly related to me for, well, a long time. It was a pleasure to actually see the other person in the flesh - as opposed to on the screen - and have lag-free conversation. The weather cooperated and I enjoyed being out and about, and seeing others doing the same.

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  • Looking for the light

    I was going to tackle a more contentious topic today, diving into an issue which has already elicited lots of passionate discussion and strong opinions from across the music industry spectrum. And I will, at some point, write that blog post. But today doesn't feel like the day to add extra contention to the world. So instead I'm choosing to focus on some positives.

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  • So...are ya single?

    Back in March I had the honour of presenting a session on making a submission to a festival (and then preparing for a festival gig) as part of Music Africa's Artist Training Program. I enjoyed the experience, with an engaged audience and some good discussion, and I took the opportunity to update a presentation I call "Getting the Gig" - something I originally put together nearly ten years ago.

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