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  • Processing (part deux)

    I didn't get the grant.

    Having worked in the arts for twenty years, I've gotten used to rejection in various forms. Smaller audiences than expected. Fewer donations than required. Submissions ignored or turned down. And as a staff member for multiple organizations over the years, I have written - and have been turned down for - too many grants to count. That said, I've also had what I would call moderate success - on behalf of organizations and as an individual - with granting bodies at all three levels of government and with some private foundations.

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  • Processing (part one)

    It's taken me a few weeks, but I wanted to finally share with you a bit about my trip to New York at the beginning of January. I was there, as I am almost annually, to meet with agents and check out Winter Jazzfest. And, as is often the case, I came back to Toronto with my head spinning, wanting to book everything I saw and slightly envious of so many New York things. (The subway system really is great. Except the L line. I came to dislike the L line.)

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  • Big Band Blowout

    Well, 2017, you're not wasting any time, are you?

    After a whirl-wind Toronto-Winnipeg-Toronto-New York trip, it's already time to launch in to the first TD Discovery Series Special Project presentation, this Sunday, January 15 at Lula Lounge. And I think this one show will feature more musicians than the rest of the Special Projects shows combined.

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