Joss Stone Total World Tour

Gregory Porter

Mavis Staples

Hiromi Duet featuring Edmar Castaneda

Hudson DeJohnette Scofield Medeski Grenadier

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  • The Further Adventures of Jazz Money

    I could think of no better title for this post than what appears above - and what happens to be the title of the third in our series of four TD Discovery Series Special Projects presentations. This Wednesday, March 8 at The Rex Hotel, an expanded Jazz Money (usually a trio, they'll be a sextet on Wednesday) takes the stage with three of their favourite MCs for an exploration of jazz and hip-hop. If the three tracks submitted with their application are any indication, this is going to be awesome.

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  • Delving into the subconscious

    When selecting each year's Special Projects, the panel does its best to choose projects which are well-spaced-out, so that there is time to build the marketing strategy for each show. Usually, it works; sometimes, less so. While the next two Special Projects are separated by just a few days, they are two very different events.

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  • Processing (part deux)

    I didn't get the grant.

    Having worked in the arts for twenty years, I've gotten used to rejection in various forms. Smaller audiences than expected. Fewer donations than required. Submissions ignored or turned down. And as a staff member for multiple organizations over the years, I have written - and have been turned down for - too many grants to count. That said, I've also had what I would call moderate success - on behalf of organizations and as an individual - with granting bodies at all three levels of government and with some private foundations.

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